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Reading In:  While High-Tech, Manufacturers of Magnetic Card Readers Take the Middle Road

It's an exciting time for magnetic card reader manufacturers - the industry stands on the brink of fully computerized smart card technology, and a myriad of ways to capture, store, and transfer large quantities of information.  Still, most manufacturers are sticking to the more traditional mag stripe or even bar code readers - for now.

..."It's important to note that North America is significantly behind much of the world in embracing smart card technology, says Nick Zolecki of NexPhase Electronics, Cave Creek, Arizona.  "The existing consumer mindset has not yielded the newer technology.  Another issue is the installed infrastructure of magnetic stripe based equipment. Most companies will be reluctant to implement the new hardware until they believe the consumer will accept and use the technology.  This has already taken place in Asia.  In 2005, Europe will need to be EMV smart card security compliant.  Canada is scheduled to be EMV compliant by 2008.  In the U.S., it is tough to get around the infrastructure, both in terms of cost and psychology.  We are truly in the second full generation of consumers who have embraced the credit card; changing to the alien smart card system will require much time, much money, and great PR."



Still, what magnetic reader manufacturers offer is nothing short of amazing - and very beneficial to gaming establishments.  Here is a sampling of what the new age of readers offers.

...Another company serving the demand for personalized cards is Identatronics of Chicago, Illinois, a divison of Ban-Koe Identatronics in Casino Enterprise Management magazine Companies.  The card manufacturer is also a printing house, according to Bill Bangtson, Ban-Koe President and CEO.  Identatronics offers the SuperCard, a PVC card that can run through an on-demand printer and still take the wear and tear of being pushed into a mag swipe.  The company can also make SuperCards that include smart chips, mag stripes, and barcodes for different functions at any event.  For an added bonus, Identatronics features a business card scanner, which automatically creates a temporary badge for that event.SuperCard

~Stellitano, Corrina.  "5 Lessons on Upgrading."  Access Control & Security Systems  February 2004.

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