Secure the workplace with vIDix™

vIDix™ is a comprehensive, totally integrated suite of products designed to help you secure your workplace.  This suite of products includes:

  • Photo Identification:  Speed up the card-issuing process with IDimage™.  An easy-to-use interface includes copy and paste design elements and true view barcodes.  Text information, optional photo, fingerprints, and additional images can be stored in a database for easy reporting.
  • Access Control:  Controlling access to your facility is fundamental to a secure work environment.  IDaxxess™ audits access and prevents unauthorized entry for multiple doors.
  • Visitor Management:.  Capture detailed visitor information accurately with IDvisitor™.  Scan visitors' driver's license or business card to track all guests that enter your facility.  Name, photo (optional), date and time, and person receiving the visitors are all captured in a secure database file.

The vIDix suite is designed to help you manage who has access to your facility and give you the ability to differentiate between people that belong and those who do not.  Register visitors, create multi-purpose badges, and control access all with the streamlined vIDix solution.  

Aside from the locks on your doors, the functionality provided by the vIDix suite is your first line of defense in establishing a solid facility security plan. 


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