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IDvisitor™:  the visitor management software available within the vIDix™ suite

IDvisitor - the visitor management software from the vIDix suiteWhen visitors enter your organization, how do they register?  Most likely visitors scrawl their name in a paper guest book, making it easy for them to snoop through your guest book before entering your organization.  Who are these people and when were they in the building?  What was their purpose for being here?  These questions can be easily answered by replacing your cumbersome guest book with IDvisitor™ visitor management software.

Create badges in 30 seconds or less
With IDvisitor, visitors scan their business card or drivers’ license to quickly capture pertinent information.  This information is used to automatically print a professional personalized visitor badge that clearly identifies visitors and their purpose for being in your building.

Maintain visitor records
The visitor information is then stored in a secure database file that can be used to create visitor activity reports - you'll know with a touch of a button who was in your building, why they were there, and if they're still on the premises.  Visitor information remains a private record and "guest snooping" is eliminated.

Data Captured:Get rid of your logbook with vIDix IDvisitor

  • name
  • photograph (optional)
  • name of the person being visited
  • reason for visit
  • date and time of meeting
Benefits of vIDix IDvisitor:
  • Enhance the organization's image
  • Secure the workplace more robustly
  • Streamline the visitor check-in process
  • Accurately capture detailed visitor information
  • Easily perform analysis and reporting
  • Keep visitor information confidential
  • Provide high quality, professional looking badges

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Benefits of vIDix IDvisitor

Corporate Reception/Front Desk

  • Eliminate lobby guest book and guest book snooping

  • Scan business card or driver's license for automatic data entry

  • Identify temporary work staff

  • Print name of employee being visited

Manufacturing and Warehouse

  • Issue badges for limited access areas

  • Present a professional image to visitors

  • Identify temporary work staff

  • Maintain record of vehicle information

Healthcare Facilities

  • Issue badges for limited access areas

  • Identify temporary work staff/volunteers

  • Issue parking permits

Conference Facilities

  • Identify speakers, exhibitors, attendees

  • Batch print pre-registered badges in advance

  • Track session attendance


  • Easy to identify possible intruders

  • Record parent visits

  • Issue highly visible badges for hall passes

  • Issue substitute teacher badges

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