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IDimage™:  the ID card creation program available within the vIDix™ suite

Your organization is exposed to many different faces every day.  We don't think twice about current employees and invited guests, but what about those unfamiliar faces?  How do you determine who they are and why they are here?  How do you differentiate between people that belong and those who do not?  Aside from the locks on IDimage - digital imaging program from the vIDix Suiteyour doors, photo identification badges are your first line of defense in establishing a solid  facility security plan.

With a vIDix IDimage photo identification system, you will always know who belongs and who doesn't.  Photo ID badges are clearly identifiable and can go beyond simple identification.  They can be used for electronic building access, data collection for time and attendance systems, and transactions at a company store or cafeteria.  

IDimage is a software package that allows you to produce low cost photo identification badges.  These badges make it easy to identify every employee as they enter your facility and move throughout your building.

Producing a high quality photo identification badge is easy.  Connect a digital or CCD camera to a PC, snap a picture, and IDimage does the rest.  The images automatically appear on the screen, so you can preview and approve photos BEFORE printing them.  Then enter the ID information and in seconds your badge is complete.

To expand your security plan beyond photo identification, integrate your IDimage system with the functionality provided by the IDaxxess and IDvisitor modules.


Benefits of vIDix IDimage:
  • Immediate recognition of unauthorized people

  • Enhance the organization's image

  • Easily perform analysis and reporting

  • Provides for multiple applications including time and attendance and access control

  • Identify employees by department with variable badge graphics

  • Replace lost or damaged badges quickly.

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Applications of vIDix IDimage:

Secure your workplace with IDimage, the ID badge creation program

Schools & Universities

  • Students, Staff, and Faculty ID Cards
  • Visitor Badges
  • Easily Identify Possible Intruders without a Badge
  • Substitute Teacher Badges


  • Employee Identification
  • Time & Attendance
  • Access Control
  • Visitor Passes
  • Temporary Work Staff Badges


  • Time & Attendance
  • Access Control
  • Temporary Work Staff/Volunteer Badges

Conference Facilities

  • Speaker, Exhibitor, and Attendee Badges
  • Batch Print Pre-registered Badges in Advance or Print on Demand

Fitness Clubs

  • Membership Cards

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