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IDaxxess™:  the access control system available within the vIDix™ suite

The need to secure the workplace has never been greater.  Your organization is exposed to many different people each day, some with intentions contrary to the interests of your organization.  Do you know who and when these people are entering your building?  Are they authorized to be there?  Controlling access is your vIDix IDaxxess Door Access Control program primary line of defense in establishing a solid facility security plan. 

What is vIDix IDaxxess?

The vIDix IDaxxess program is a comprehensive Windows based application for controlling access to various areas of your facility.  Eliminate the hassle of changing keys and locks in the event of staffing changes or misplaced keys.  Just deactivate the badge and you're finished.  IDaxxess will record any attempts made to continue using the deactivated badge/PIN.

With the task-oriented user interface, you will quickly become proficient at adding users, assigning schedules, and granting access privileges.  IDaxxess lets you select individual doors or groups of doors when granting access, allowing an unlimited number of access profiles.  This flexibility enables you to limit who has access to restricted areas such as tool cribs, electrical closets, accounting, inventory, computer rooms, and medical records.

The IDaxxess software will enforce access privileges and help achieve a safer, more secure workplace.  To expand your security plan beyond access control, integrate your IDaxxess system with a functionality provided by the IDimage and IDvisitor modules.

Applications of vIDix IDaxxess:

Small Business

  • Unlock/Lock customer entrance at set times
  • Individual room security (Inventory, IT, Accounting)

Condominiums & Apartments

  • Public doors & gates security
  • No more expensive custom keys
  • No need to collect keys from former tenants

Medical & Dental Offices

  • Restrict access to Medical Records
  • Access Control
  • Temporary Work Staff/Volunteer Badges

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Benefits of vIDix IDaxxess:

Increase Facility Security with IDaxxess access control software

Increase Facility Security

  • Prevent unauthorized entry

  • Audit door access

  • Schedule times of entry

  • Lock door during holidays

  • Quickly disable lost or stolen badges

  • Eliminate the need to change locks and keys resulting from staffing changes

  • Limit access rights to increase protection for sensitive areas

Better Efficiency & Convenience

  • Schedule certain/all doors to be automatically locked and unlocked.

  • Issue badges for limited access areas

  • Create limited access rights for temporary workers

Failsafe Design

  • Distributed architecture eliminates single point of failure

  • Optional UPS and battery backup systems will guarantee system is still operational during power failure

  • Create alarms for forced door, door ajar, tamper, low power, & scan of invalid badge

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