Search and Rescue Management

SRV-idô:  the search and rescue volunteer management system

What is Search and Rescue Management Software?

The SRV-id program is a fast and efficient way to keep track of volunteers during a massive search effort.  SRV-id allows sheriffs or other people in charge of organizing search parties to know who is volunteering and that each member has returned safely from a search.

SRV-id software will allow you to:

  • Check-in each volunteer
  • Print photo ID badges onsite
  • Issue pre-printed badges
  • Quickly check-in each volunteer as they return to make sure everyone is accounted for
  • Have a complete database of all volunteers
  • Visually identify members of the search party
  • Created different badge designs for specialized teams (i.e. EMT, fire fighters)

How does it work?

SRV-id is an easy-to-use tracking system.  Your county can now establish an onsite check-in station and quickly register and track each volunteer as they leave for a search or clean-up effort.  You can print badges from a portable station or utilize our generic badge program.  Then, as volunteers return they swipe their card through a reader and SRV-id will issue a report to confirm that everyone has returned.  

Volunteer "Smart" Badges

Each volunteer is issued a badge, clearly identifying him or her as an authorized member of the search and rescue team.  This badge can either be electronically encoded with the volunteer's name, or their name and photo can be directly printed onto their badge.  Once the search is completed your volunteers simply swipe their badge to record that they have returned safely.

Applications of vIDix SRV-id:
  • Ground Search and Rescue Efforts
  • Volunteer Clean-up Efforts

  • Rope Rescue Teams

  • Organized Avalanche Response

  • Swiftwater Search Operations

  • Air Patrol

  • Forest Fire Fighting

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