Fargo Printer Ribbons

Several types of ribbons are available for use with card personalization systems. Selecting specific ribbon types depends on your application as well as the specific printer/encoder model you are using. Each ribbon type yields unique benefits. The types are classified as:
  • Dye-sublimation only
  • Resin thermal transfer only
  • Combination dye-sublimation/resin thermal transfer

To make it easier to remember differences between ribbons, a letter code has been developed to indicate the type of ribbon panels found on each ribbon.

Ribbon Technologies

FARGO Card Personalization Systems are engineered to work seamlessly with FARGO ribbons' custom dyes to consistently produce crisp, colorful cards. Plus, FARGO's exclusive print ribbons offer the latest in ribbon technology:

  • FARGO's first generation print ribbons feature Smart Sensing Cores that detect if the wrong ribbon is installed and promptly display an error message to help prevent card waste.
  • FARGO's HDP800 Series (High Definition Printing™) and DTC500 Series print ribbons feature revolutionary RibbonTraq™ Technology that quickly calibrates the ribbon without scrolling through numerous ribbon panels, speeding production and eliminating waste. In addition, RibbonTraq alerts you if the wrong ribbon has been installed to help you avoid printing errors.
  • FARGO's new DTC resin ribbons use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to sense whether you have the correct ribbon installed and alert you if the wrong ribbon has been installed


Ribbon color codes
These letter codes indicate the type of ribbon panels and provide an easy way to distinguish FARGO ribbons:
=Dye-Sublimation Yellow
=Dye-Sublimation Magenta
=Dye-Sublimation Cyan
=Resin Black
=Clear Overlay
=Dye-Sublimation Black
Example: A YMCKK ribbon consists of three dye-sublimation "panels", first Yellow, then Magenta, and then Cyan, followed by two Black resin panels. This ribbon could be used to print full color and black text on the front side of the card (using YMCK), and black text (K) or a bar code on the reverse side of the card.

Since this ribbon does not include a clear overlay (O) panel, it must be used with an overlaminate - either PolyGuard™ or Thermal Transfer Overlaminate - in the Pro-L printer/encoder, to protect the print's colors.


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