Fargo Professional Series CardJet 410

Introducing the world's most user-friendly card printer/encoder.  High-quality cards with no hassles!

New FARGO CardJet Printing Technology™.  
It's inkjet printing on plastic cards!
Featuring FARGO's exclusive CardJet Printing Technology, the CardJet 410 is the only printer/encoder able to print on plastic cards with highly-specialized thermal inkjet technology.  The CardJet 410 makes it easy to print personalized ID badges, card keys, and customer loyalty cards for corporate, retail, loyalty, education, and membership applications.


Now, personalized cards is a snap!
Why mess with labor-intensive cut-and-paste systems?  The CardJet 410 prints professional-looking, affordable cards without any hassle or training.  It works like the inkjet printer in your home or office.  Simply drop in the 100-card SmartLoad™ cartridge.  Snap in the SmartLoad ink cartridges and print!  SmartLoad cartidges click intuitively into place.  Plus, an ink-level gauge in the printer driver shows you how many prints remain.



The only thing easier than printing with the CardJet 410 is taking care of it.  
Why is the CardJet 410 the most user-friendly printer/encoder in the world?  Because it's virtually maintenance-free.  It features a reliable Hewlett-Packard inkjet-based print engine that can print one or hundreds of cards per day, each with the same great-looking results.  The CardJet 410 features intuitive controls and helpful on-screen messages that tell you when to add cards or ink, eliminating the surprise of empty consumables.


Print professional cards that last!
Don't settle for cards made from cut-up photographs.  The CardJet 410 delivers full-color, over-the-edge printing on a single-sided plastic card in as fast as 22 seconds!  At 600 dpi, your photos, graphics, text, and bar codes will look razor-sharp.  And, because CardJet bonds and dries instantly to specially-formulated CardJet cards, there's never any smearing or mess.  CardJet cards also stand up to abrasion, dye-migration, and UV fading better than traditional cards.


Add magnetic stripes to your cards for even greater functionality and security.  
By adding an optional magnetic stripe encoder, you can enhance operations for access control, library checkout, time and attendance, meal plans, and more!  Your magnetic stripe encoder can be delivered pre-installed.  Or, with our field-installation kit, you can simply upgrade your CardJet 410 on-site when your needs grow.

Printer Specifications  |  Download Brochure




Printing professional-looking plastic cards is now inkjet-easy!


Printer Specifications

Download CardJet 410 Brochure 

CardJet 410 Printer/Encoder Features
  • SmartLoad ink cartridges load intuitively for simple one-way installation.
  • SmartLoad card cartridge installs easily from the top for error-proof loading.
  • Intuitive controls and on-screen messages signal when to change cards or ink. 
  • CardJet Printing Technology and an HP inkjet-based print engine ensures virtually maintenance-free reliability.
  • Transparent access window for convenient viewing of print status; opens wide for easy loading of SmartLoad ink cartridges.
  • Internal Card Output Hopper neatly stacks and protects printed cards.


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