Zebra P720 Card Printers 

Dual-Sided Color Card Printer with Advanced “One-Pass” Dual-Sided Laminator for Durable, Secure Long-life Cards

The Zebra P720 printer with built-in wasteless and linerless laminator produces high definition, full color, dual-sided, laminated plastic cards. This high-quality, high-speed printer simultaneously laminates the front and back of each card in one pass. The P720 features a rugged all metal enclosure with viewing window, and uses a highly reliable, field-proven print engine.

Use the P720 for:

Laminating cards considerably increases card life, card durability, and prevents counterfeiting, alteration, or fraudulent duplication of cards. Lamination can extend card life by 2 to 7 years compared to non-laminated cards under similar conditions.

Factors such as dye migration, UV fading, damage and abrasion from frequently swiped magnetic cards, shorten their useful life. Lamination decreases the effects of these wear factors tremendously. Laminate with holograms also deters fraudulent reproduction, alteration and duplication of cards. Various types of standard and custom hologram laminates are available.

The P720 also features bi-directional driver communication, automatic laminate ribbon detection, print ribbon synchronization, a patented in-line cleaning cartridge, optional magnetic encoding and/or Smart Card contact station, a reject hopper, and both Centronics and USB interfaces. Windows® drivers compatible with Windows NT, ME, 95/98 and 2000 provide convenient plug and play operation

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