Zebra P620 Card Printers 

Reliability and Superior Print Quality for Demanding Security Applications

For durable, secure cards that are also great looking, the Zebra P620 is your best choice. The P620's rugged design provides reliability for continuous-print applications. The patented card transport mechanism allows highly accurate card positioning, resulting in high-quality color printing and precision details that are difficult to copy. The dual-sided laminator maximizes card durability and protects from abrasion, color fading and P620 Card Printeralteration.

Use the P620 card printer to print:

Zebra P620 Advantages: Maximum Card Security: Prevent unauthorized printer use with the P620's ID/Key option and ID/Log software that creates a unique record of each card produced. Special printing effects and customized holographic laminates help prevent fraudulent reproduction of cards.

Rugged, Reliable Operation: With its full metal enclosure and patented self-cleaning mechanism to remove surface contamination, the P620 is highly reliable and durable. Advanced printhead control prevents overheating and reduces printhead wear.

Designed for Efficiency: Minimize downtime with the P620's low-maintenance card transport mechanism, singlepass wasteless lamination, and easy-to-use Windows® based bi-directional printer driver that provides real-time printer status information.

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