Fargo DTC500 Series Card Printers 

The FARGO DTC550 Series Card Printer/Encoders where networking and security come together in an enterprise class ID card printer.

DTC550 Series:

Welcome to the new standard in card personalization systems with security and networking.

The DTC550 is the ideal solution for printing, encoding and laminating ID cards across a large organization. It’s where networking and security come together in an enterprise-class ID card printer.

Why the new DTC550 over the DTC500 Series?

  • Increased reliability and performance with enhanced electronics and mechanical design
  • Multiple printer networking with an optional Ethernet interface
  • Secured card issuance over a network with Print Security Manager and SecureMark™ Technology
  • Lower cost-per-image ribbons: DTC550 ribbons have 25% more print images than same-price DTC500 ribbons
  • Exceptional printer management with bi-directional printer status communication over a PC



DTC550 Series Printer.

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Print Ribbon Informati

The one ID card printer that IT and security can agree on.

As a security professional, an enterprise network is probably the last place you’d want to install an IDcard printer. As an IT administrator, an ID cardprinter could be a security-sensitive target that you probably wouldn’t want on your network. But asyou deploy tougher security measures throughoutyour organization, a networked and secure ID cardprinter could be exactly what you’ll need. AndFargo already has it: 

The DTC550.The Fargo DTC550 Direct-to-Card Printer/Encodersupports secure ID card issuance at multiple locationsthroughout the enterprise. With an Ethernetport and internal print server, your IT staff caninstall a DTC550 anywhere on a LAN. The optionalPrint Security software gives your security team tight control over ID card printer access and use.The DTC550 provides greater flexibility whenyou’re planning widespread or high-volume cardissuance for applications such as employee accesscards, government and student IDs, customerloyalty and membership cards.

Print Security software protects access and issuance throughout the enterprise.

In a networked environment, it’s easy to think ofthe DTC550 as just another office printer. It’s not.Without proper security measures, a DTC550 couldbe used to produce fraudulent ID cards that are indistinguishable from the real thing. That makesFargo’s optional PrintSecurity software acritical part of anyDTC550 solution.Whether you choosethe LAN-based PrintSecurity Manager,™ orthe stand-alone PrintSecurity Suite,™ you’ll get applications thatprovide essential protectionfor the DTC550 and your entire cardissuance system. Print Security software adds password-controlled access to the DTC550. It can notifykey personnel by text message or e-mail whenever printing is attempted outside of authorized hours.

For printing, encoding and laminating ID cards across a large organization, nothing integrates easier or is more secure. Enhanced security anywhere.

Print Security software controls printer access, card issuanceand authenticity from any local or networked PC.

Versatility starts here. 

A basic DTC550uses Fargo’s Direct-to-Card technologyto print full-color, single- and dual sidedcards. Match specific needs withconnectivity, lamination and e-card encoding options.

The Security Imaging application (optional withPrint Security Manager) adds covert visual security features to ID cards, taking card security to a higherlevel while providing card authentication data about the print event. Print Security software alsogathers printer diagnostic data for troubleshooting,and can send an online order for Fargo SecureMaterials to a Fargo SecureMark™ Integrator.

Easily integrates into your IT infrastructure.

The most attractive feature of the DTC550 for ITmanagers is that it plays well with everything elseon your network. The DTC550 connects to yourWindows®-based PC through its USB port. It canalso be added to your network as easily as a workgroup printer. The optional Ethernet port andinternal print server allow you to install and share the DTC550 anywhere you need it. And its printdriver provides bi-directional status information, so you can monitor and manage the DTC550 just asyou would any other networked printer.The DTC550 is fully compatible with most ID card issuance software. Plus, Fargo can provide a softwaredevelopment kit that will help you integrate the DTC550 into other applications such as security systems and HR databases.

Flexible design protects your organizationand technology investment.

Change is a constant in large organizations, andthe Fargo DTC550 Direct-to-Card Printer/Encoder gives you tremendous flexibility whenever you needto reconfigure your ID card issuance system. The DTC550 is one of the most versatile ID card printersavailable, handling a wide range of secure ID card applications; from on-demand photo IDs, to

Networked, yet secure. 

The DTC550resides on LANs just like any other workgroup printer. Fargo’s optional Print Security software adds extra levels of security against unauthorized accessand printingSmartScreen™ LCD Control Panel displays

Card Issuance Security:

From SmartLoad™ ribbonsto Visual Security™ elements,SecureMark protects the entirecard issuance process.

Logical Security:

Authorize and monitor accessto ID card printers and PCs thatcan access secure networks andsensitive data.

Physical Security:

The DTC550 produces accesscontrol cards for protectingfacilities and high-security areaslike labs and server rooms.

Reduce vulnerabilities.

 Fargo’s exclusive SecureMarkTechnology protects your entire card identity system by combining Fargo Secure Printer/Encoders, FargoSecure Software, Fargo Secure Materials and the expertise of Fargo SecureMark Integrators.


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