Custom Badges 

ID America ID Card Services

Whether your company or organization has five or 50,000 employees, ID America can provide custom designed badges using advanced security technologies while saving you staffing and capital start-up costs.
  • No hardware to purchase
  • No on-going maintenance costs
  • No expensive staffing costs

 We can design badges to work with your Kronos® time and attendance system!

Our focus is to serve the identification market by making professional, affordable badges available to a broad range of companies. Whether your company is a small start-up venture with modest requirements, a mid-sized company that prefers to outsource, or a large corporation looking for help with implementing a new ID system, we can do it all.

As a designer of identification software and a manufacturer of custom ID cards, ID America brings an unmatched set of qualifications to its service bureau. We have over 20 years of industry experience and a global customer base, including many Fortune 500 companies. Our dedication to new technologies and excellent customer service will provide you with the best possible ID solution. Can other Service Bureaus make the same claim? That’s the ID America difference.

Card Applications

Use ID Card Services for a variety of card applications including:

  • Employee Identification Badges 

  • Visitor Passes 

  • Access Control Cards 

  • Time and Attendance Cards

  • Membership Cards 

  • Parks and Recreation Clubs 

  • Health Clubs 

  • Buying Clubs

  • Student ID Cards

  • Library Cards

  • Loyalty Cards

  • Medical Cards

  • Meeting or Conference Cards

  • Event Cards

  • kIDs Cards : Child Identification Cards

Corporate, Hospital, Club, Airport, Government, and University Badges

Please call toll free at 1-800-899-0963 or complete this form to inquire about any of our products.

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